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With No Meters or Surge Pricing, We are your Airport Reservation Experts


With over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, we at Opoli are confident that we know a thing or two about the ride sharing scene. Safety, customer service, innovation, expertise, and forward thinking matter to us.

We are inspired by the free market. Here at Opoli, we bring opportunity and freedom of choice to everyone by creating a ride share service that focuses on customer value, safety, and pride.

We watched as cabs and transportation service apps kept fumbling and missing the mark. Today we are ready to lead the way.

We created a reservation system. We eliminated surge pricing. We ousted third-party fees by eliminating the middle man. We added a touch of class and personality.

Welcome to Opoli!

"We are the only ride company
with over 25 years of ride share experience."

Mission and Vision

Shaping the way the world moves

We have been dedicating ourselves to providing the world with the most reliable means of transportation in the safest, most efficient, and affordable fashion- all made possible thanks to advancement in our technology..

Executive Team



From shuttle driver to President, there are few in this world that have more real-world experience in the transportation industry than Rattan. Under his leadership, companies have moved from fledgling enterprises to expanding businesses serving millions. Rattan's unquenchable thirst for being better, doing more, and moving faster drives Opoli Technology.



Shawn began his career in transportation in the drivers training program with First Transit for Los Angeles DASH operations. Through his experience in Front Line operations, consulting, emergency management, University sectors and business ownership, he began his venture of forming a family of Companies dubbed EVOLGO. Opoli is proud to be a part of the family and excited to have Shawn take the lead in helping our vision become a reality.”

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